Zanzibar Archipelago


Tour Overview :

Zanzibar is magical: the spice-scented, quintessential Indian Ocean idyll. Tropical, turquoise waters lap miles of palm-fringed, sandy beaches. For hundreds of years, traders and travellers have eulogised about Zanzibar’s intoxicating aroma of spices, its beautiful beaches and the bustle of its Moorish capital, Stone Town. It’s name alone – as evocative as Timbuktu, Casablanca or Kilimanjaro – is alluring enough for many to dream of visiting.

Spice Tour

Zanzibar is known for its spice trade, so what better way to immerse yourself in the local culture than learning about its wealthiest and most profitable industry? You can choose from a variety of tours and explore the winding streets with expert tour guides who will inform you of the origins of the industry, as well as teaching guests about the wide variety of spices that Zanzibar produces and trades in.

Dolphin Tour

Kizimkazi a fishing village located in southwest of Zanzibar is a home to several schools of the Bottle-nosed dolphins and Humpback dolphins, which are sighted following a short boat trip from the village. The dolphins are very friendly and playful. The best part is getting into the water and play with them and they will let you swim very close to them which is a truly memorable and rewarding experience

Jozani Forest

A half-day tour and will take you in one of the last remaining sanctuaries in the world of the Red Colobus Monkey. The forest that has 2,512 hectares (6,207 acres) and it was declared a nature reserve in the 1960’s lies in a shallow trough in the fossil coral bed between the mangrove filled bays of Chwaka and Uzi. This type of monkey is one of the most endangered and rarest subspecies in the world. It is a wonderful thing to see them jump from one tree to another.

Safari Blue

The Safari blue trip is one of the among best sea adventures in the Zanzibar island, not only sailing along with the traditional dhow but also you can snorkeled, swim and relaxing on a white sandy beach on a sandbank. In addition to all, there are plenty of sea foods whom are all waiting for you to be tested, The dhow departs from the Gambia beach at 08:00 and we get back around 16:00.

Stone Town Tour

Stone Town is a UNESCO Heritage site, The heart of the island and the old city area of Zanzibar City, located on the western shore. The city got its name from the many big multistory buildings made of stone which form the landscape of the old town part. Previously it was the hub for trading ivory, spices and slaves. Overall, this tour is a fascinating look into the history and culture that has shaped this island and is something that should not be missed.

Prison Island

Prison Island provides a fascinating glimpse into the island’s slightly dark past – this land was once used as a place where slaves were detained and, when the slave trade was abolished, it was used as a camp where people with deadly diseases were sent. Today the island is a nature reserve for giant tortoises and a place to see the ruins that once functioned as the prison.

Mnemba Island

This is one of our must-do activities that you will not want to miss while you are in Zanzibar. The tiny but exceptional Mnemba reef offers indeed some of the best and most spectacular spots in the whole Archipelago, if not in East Africa. On this trip, we might (85% chance) see dolphins while cruising from Nungwi to Mnemba, we will stop for a while and you can enjoy seeing dolphins swimming, also you can take photos.